Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Naming the blog

Ink well, wishing well, well well, what have we here

What’s likely to well up in this blog:

Well 1. Ink well
Years ago as a young journalist typing events, I listed Al Fresco as the speaker at a picnic.  The paper received an angry letter to the editor.  The writer wondered which “ink-stained wretch” had gotten so simple a notice so wrong.  In honor of the stains endured in my 20-year career, one of my wells is for that ink as well as all the rest of the words I’ve spilled and continue to spill. I will include thoughts about journalism, writing, words.

Well 2. Wishing well
We moved from Maine to Virginia, from a home where our water came from a well deep in the earth to a house in a development where water bills are high and the only well was  a cedar lawn ornament that I  wished away by moving it to the curb and placing  a “Free” sign on it.  Poof.  It disappeared. This may be a place where I wish some things away --and others into my life.

Well 3. Well of wellness
 I’d like to plumb the well of wellness with some thoughts on spiritual, physical and mental health.

Well 4. What have we here
More comfortable watching than performing, I have often chosen to comment from the sidelines. I often see the drama in the world around me in literary terms – character and  setting; theme and  conflict; context and pattern.  At times I may bring knowledge and perspective. At others I might display a little quirky attitude.