Sunday, September 2, 2012

Reading to the Rain

Sunday Salon: Labor Day Weekend

            Rain.  Rain. Don’t go away. Indoor reading for today.
As long as it doesn’t last all week, I’m grateful for rain. I planted some Swiss chard and kale for my late fall/winter garden this morning so the seeds can soak this afternoon while I read. I’ve joined my first read along at the Estella Society and have begun The Little Stranger. I’m not holding back.  I may zip through it in the next few days. I haven’t read a good Gothic in a long time, was not even aware of Sarah Waters, the author. So I have already found one joy in a readalong – discovering a new writer.
What other books are on my floor?
·      I started Quiet, the non-fiction book by Susan Cain about introverts, which is subtitled “The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.” While I find this book reassuring – I am normal, after all, I am so much more drawn to fiction, than non. Or most non.
A few years ago, I went through a spell of reading a lot of what I call lay neuroscience and psychology, and I guess I am trying to revive that interest a bit, but I keep putting books aside mid-way through and turning back to mystery and literary fiction.  I’m not sure why.
·      The Middlesteins – lent to me by a librarian friend
·      Cloud Atlas.
·      Work related books
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