Sunday, January 6, 2013

Update: Sunday Salon Jan. 6, 2013

 Update. I have been away again. I got lots of reading done, but little writing. I have a number of unreviewed books piling up beginning of course with the dreaded Cloud Atlas that I read months ago. It is unlikely I will review all that I have read. So here’s the list:
Phantom -- Nesbo
Gone Girl – Flynn
Broken for You – Stephanie Kallos
The Right Hand Shore – Christopher Tilghman
Black Box—Connelly
Marbles – a graphic novel about bi-polar disorder by Ellen Forney
Sweet Tooth—Ian McEwan
I am now in the midst of two big books: Mantel’s Wolf Hall, which I didn’t read when it first came out, and Bleak House by Charles Dickens.
My reading news is that I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and an Audible subscription, so now the listening begins. My first audiobook was Black Box and second is Bleak House. I like listening, but feel I get more out of eyes-on-the page reading. Just me, I think. I do a lot of back reading. Because of that I don’t how well I will read books on Kindle either. I like flipping paper pages around in a book.
I suppose I will get used to it.
I remember how so many years ago when I first worked for a newspaper, we used to print out stories and pencil edit them on the page and then go back and edit the computer copy.  It seemed they looked so different. We were told: Edit on the computer. No paper pages. Get used to it.
We did.
So of the above list what’s best?  Coincidentally the last four: Right Hand Shore, Black Box, Marbles, Sweet Tooth – all so different and all very satisfying books.
Other Matters:
Considering challenges, but haven’t committed yet. Inspired by others. Too much to chose from.


  1. Nice to get a Kindle Fire & Audible subscription! I agree I like listening but when I really need to understand closely I read it in print. Audio is a bit for fun, when gardening in the summer. What are you thoughts on Sweet Tooth? cheers.

  2. Ooooh. My new favorite recent read. I have a sweet tooth and this certainly sated it. Have you read it? If not, I will give little away because there is a surprise in the ending that does something quite wonderful -- it projects beyond the story's end.
    That said -- it's part spy story, part romance, part early McEwan short stories with a nod to Ian Fleming and some history about Orwell and Stephen Spender and spy agencies that I was not aware of.
    Full of intrigue.

  3. Until last week I was trying to read Les Mis on my Kindle. My logic was not to have to hold up the heavy book. But I just couldn't follow it without being able to flip pages back and forth. As for audio books, I can't even begin to pay attention. I think I have some kind of auditory ADD.

    1. There is such a thing though I don't think it's called that and I can't remember what it is called. I taught English to learning disabled high school students for a while and some did better reading aloud and listening to others reading -- and some did worse. It was challenging even though my classes were 2-6 kids.
      I follow a story pretty well listening, but with Bleak House there are so many characters and subplots, I find myself occasionally lost. I get through it and when I have a moment Google Bleak House Spark Notes and go over the characters or check into the chapter summary. It helps me get back on track. I checked they have one for Les Miserables too -- if it helps.

    2. Thanks! I tend to keep notes in a little notebook for characters etc. It was the only way I followed Cloud Atlas, for example. (I taught HS English for a few years right out of college too but not LD.)

  4. I hope you enjoy your books. I loved Wolf Hall & Gone Girl. If you're considering a new challenge, consider the Europa Challenge I run at not to be a spammer, but we'd love to have you! :-)

  5. The problem I have with my kindle , it is so touch sensitive , I find I jump pages! then I can't get back ...eek. Most of the books I buy are Classics , the free ones, so the chapters aren't shown on the "GO TO " pop up. Then again , I am reading things that , maybe I wouldn't think to seek out when I'm in the Library or book shop.
    I'll have to google 'Cloud Atlas'