Sunday, June 16, 2013

Recovering from whirlwind grandchildren

Sunday Salon, June 16, 2013

 Didn’t post last week because I had a granddaughters day – 2 year old Stella Joy and 5 year old Anna Grace came to play for 2 days. We beached it and went to the library, read books, did play homework, made marble slide towers, made cookies, built houses, practiced handstands, walked the dog, jumped on the beds and had a dance party.

Whew! I do not know how young mothers get through the day. Let alone two.  The girls’ dad came and picked them up and I was relieved to go back to my part-time job  -- exhausted.
So needless to say, I didn’t read – except for dozens of old children’s classics – Suess books and the Little Engine that Could, Curious George Goes to the Hospital, etc.  And then later in the week I finished Kevin Powers’ The Yellow Birds. I am in the midst of composing my review. One of the reasons I like writing about books is that I see them differently as I write; they change in the kaleidoscope vision of composing. What made little sense, now makes so much more. That’s particularly true of this book. It’s coming together more the more I consider it. Review to be posted soon.


  1. Will be curious to read your thoughts on The Yellow Birds. I have it here to read but it is quite a ways back in the rotation at this point because of lots of things that pertain not at all to the book itself.

  2. Must be fun reading to the grandchildren, as I bet they stay still for the reading!