Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Day weekend: Beginning again Sunday Salon Sept. 1.

Labor Day weekend: Beginning again
Working: Laboring Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: followed by a few days off.
Accomplished: one of three back reviews: Jane Gardam’s Old Friends: two to go.
Begun: Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life because others have read and thought I might like it. So far, just good.  At. 75 pages. Nicely written but Ursula’s going to have to do more than just die over and over again to completely draw me in. We’ll see.
Thinking about projects for the fall:  (1) Taking a fiction class and (2) joining L’Alliance Fran├žaise. (1) Just for the experimentation and discipline and (2) in order to get my French language neurons re-firing. In my part-time job, I have had occasion to use my French, and find I enjoy it; Even after all these years (more than 40 since I lived in France), I understand everything said to me, but struggle to find words, use grammar correctly and pronounce with little accent.) Then inspired by Bryan’s post, I think I need to do something for physical health as well. So I choose exercise more – daily yoga or swim for September even if the yoga is just a shorty-short practice.
September. I love beginnings. Even though I no longer start a new school year or have anyone in my home doing so, I like the energy of fall beginnings. I also like knowing that however resolved I may be, if I fail, I can start again. In just four months, there’s January 1. And again. There’s Lent. And again. Spring.
Oh so much promise for regeneration!


  1. I like your reminder that beginnings are cyclical!! It is comforting! Sometimes I think i"m breaking them down evenfurther.. there's monday or there's morning!! lol :)

  2. I like your projects or goals for the fall. It does feel like a time to start new things. I will ponder what things I want to try or do. Good luck with your French; it does sound like you have a good understanding of it

  3. I am not so keen to see the end of summer and seeing the nights draw in. Going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark makes me miserable


  4. Well, now I have come down with a cold so so much for getting started on projects. Karen, I have noticed that the dark does not bother me so much in Virginia as it did in Maine. The light here is so different, so much more intense during the day. And then my semi-retirement schedule is so different too. I don't work winter months.