Sunday, November 24, 2013

Just dropping by: Nov.24 Sunday Salon

      Just dropping in.

      I’m making a fast visit to the salon while I work on a reading response to Caryl Ferey’s Mapuche.  At this point, I almost need to reread the book in order to write the response I began so long ago.
        I was in Massachusetts and Maine for a week visiting elderly relatives. While in Maine, I had no internet and so I read. I finished The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane  by Katherine Howe, The Year of Wonders  by Geraldine Brooks  and Fever by Mary Beth Keane for the course on historical novels I am taking.
      Upon return, my book club book was waiting in the mail. I read that in 3 days: Man Alive by Mary Kay Zuravleff, a good book about a suburban family, and one I would probably not have picked up on my own.
      Now I am far behind in writing responses, ahead on reading, and thinking mostly about the cooking coming up this week.
     Happy Thanksgiving in advance.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving early to you. So what did you think of the books you read? The howe, Brooks and Keane? Which one was the best? Which one was the "must-read"? :)

  2. Oh Bryan. It's complicated. I liked Geraldine Brooks' the best. I had read it before and forgotten much of it. The other two I would not bother with unless I was taking the course. I'm disappointed in the reading associated with the course.

  3. I'm also disappointed with the book choice Barbara. Fever is rather lacklustre I find and Deliverance Dane was just dreadful. I haven't got to read Ghost Brides yet.

  4. Wow you've polished off quite a bit of reading recently. Thanks for your honesty about not bothering with two of them. Brooks is pretty interesting though : I liked "March" and "People of the Book." But havent gotten to Year of Wonders. cheers.