Sunday, January 19, 2014

1.19.14 Sunday Salon Slow reading

Happy Salon.
Reading this week: Slowly, slowly, slowly taking in The Luminaries. I may get through it this week. I may not. Long dense book. So many characters. So many small mysteries.  A few large ones. Liking it as I read it. Not loving yet. Will see how it all fits together.

Also listening to Pride and Prejudice on audiobook. I confess to not having revisited this book (even in video form) since I was a teenager.  Even then, I was much more of a Bronte kid. Reading and rereading Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights. I'm not sure why. I think it may be because I was first introduced to Austen when I was 11 -- and too young. That tainted me a little. So it’s time. I am enjoying  the Bennetts.
Which brings me to…… Although I haven’t formally committed the Classics challenge, I would like to read – or reread – a few classics this year. So this is a good start.
Blogging: This week I will post my review of  Where'd You Go Bernadette?  Once again, I changed my mindas I figured out how to best frame the book for me. More to come.
I would also like to post about reviews versus responses. I've come to prefer writing the latter after years of doing the former.  I like to think reviews are mostly written for those who haven't read the book yet, responses for those who have.  The response allows me to get deeper into the book -- to do more than summarize and tantalize.  Both have their place. I just like writing responses -- and that means spoilers. As long as one is forewarned -- and the piece is properly labelled, I think that's okay.
          But more on all this later this week.


  1. Barb - Once you've reread P&P (Barbi does it regularly) try A&E's mini-series version with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth - on Netflix or Amazon. It is an absolutely delicious movie/series experience - there's a new release too. I got caught up in it when the girls would watch it back in the day. Now it is one of my top five movie experiences - and I've watched and enjoyed many thousands of firms over the years.

  2. I like how you've differentiated between reviews and responses. I am not very good at writing reviews. Perhaps that is because I tend to write responses.

    I must think about this a little more.

    Eager to see what you think about Luminaries. So far the length has kept me away from it.

    I'm thinking about Guilty Pleasures in Reading in my Sunday Salon. I'd love to hear what you think.

  3. Interesting thoughts about reviews versus responses. I hadn't much thought about them as separate entities but you're right. I guess I use my book clubs for the response side and write reviews. And if book club doesn't read what I want to talk about, I bully a friend into it instead. ;-)

  4. Well, even though I know we didn't agree about Where'd You Go Bernadette?, I'm still interested in hearing your thoughts on it. :) If you can believe it, I've never read Pride and Prejudice. No, really, I haven't.

  5. I read all of Austen in my teens and enjoyed them as stories but didn't understand when people remarked on how witty she was. It wasn't until my thirties that I understood that about her work.
    Interesting distinction of reviews and responses. I suspect I blur them a bit.

  6. I like both reviews and responses though I often prefer writing responses. Like you, I want to read a few classics this year, preferably the ones on my shelves! Have a good week.

  7. Hey Barbara, where have you been hiding. I don't seem to have seen you around much this last few weeks. Are you ok??

  8. Hey Karen,
    Thanks for your concern. I'm fine. Just in a major blogging funk. Every time I consider writing, I read instead. Not a bad thing. Just apparently where I am right now. I thought of you when I read The Luminaries. A book that requires a period of intense reading -- for me most of January, but in the end quite worth it. It's a Booker, of course. I can see why it was chosen. I think the way it bridges the early novel and the post modern novel is also quite fascinating and would fit nicely into your work on the history of the novel.

  9. Good to know that's the reason Barbara. I am a little nervous about the luminaries because I struggle to keep track when faced with lots pf detail Nd multiple names.

  10. I hope you'll be back soon , I miss your recommendations !

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