Monday, March 2, 2015

3.2.15 Monday: What are You Reading?

 Monday: What are You Reading?

Which for me is Monday, what are you still reading?
(mostly same pictures as last week)
Reading: Finishing The Book of Ebenezer Le Page
Slow going: The Body Keeps the Score (non-fiction neuroscience)
Listening to: Rebel Yell
Beginning: The Paying Guests
Need to get: Orange is the New Black for book club mid-month

That still is why I don’t do this meme.
I am a slow, slow reader. 

Why am I doing it any way: Personal experiment. I am trying to see what regular posting is like.  Good filler for me. Idea bank, perhaps, for others.

What regular posting is like: It’s hard.


  1. I use to read much faster. I'm much slower now. I like your wave from the beach.

  2. I'm interested in The Paying Guests too so many seem to like it. But right now I just started "Us Conductors" which apparently won the Giller Prize this year. We will see. I'm a slow reader as well