Friday, March 6, 2015

I'd rather be reading

      I've just begin The Paying Guests. I've signed up for the Flashreadaton and want to just open the book and read. But I've committed to blogging. The laptop's open instead and that's what I am half-heartedly doing.
On twitter Florinda has pointed this out as paradox: The Great Bookblogger Paradox(can't read because you're blogging, can't blog because you're reading. Maybe she got this from someplace else. Nevertheless, it  applies here. Except for me it's more conflict than paradox. Today, conflicted,  I can't really do either
      I've been thinking about writing all day and even typed a few paragraphs.
      I have two longer blog posts in the works, but neither is ready and one might get trashed because I'm  losing interest in it. It's kind of a mess and not worth the effort to clean it up. While I'm pushing myself to post even if what I post is drivel, I still have some standards -- what I write has to make sense to me. That post  has just turned into a convoluted argument that doesn't.
       I finished The Book of Ebenezer LePage this week and I am still warmed by it. I don't quite want to give it up and move on to another book.  I'm not sure how I want to write about it, but when I do, I want to feel good about whatever I write. It's got me thinking again about the difference between Back to The Paying Guests -- and maybe a rerun of last night's Elementary on television.
Still conflicted.
That's done.
 I've posted.

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