Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It's Tuesday. I'm watching TV

Ebenezer Page may have distrusted newfangled television in his time. People stopped talking to each other and paying attention to actors instead. He valued conversation and story telling, listening and getting his "spoke in." When television was on, others seemed to forget he was even there.  I still have a similar reaction to strangers on their cellphones in my presence talking so loudly that their private conversations are public.  Not to mention that I'm usually trying to read while their conversation in blasting into my ear.
So I have some old fashioned ideas just as Ebenezer did. I, however, am growing fonder and fonder of television as I age. Tonight's NCIS, followed by NCIS New Orleans and my favorite -- Justified.


  1. It's funny to me, how I've started viewing television. It used to be such...well, junk. Now though? The writing is SO good and I'm glad to have another way to shove new stories into my cluttered brain :D

    1. The writing is good. I love Justified. Will be sad to see it go. I also like watching television because it is something I can share with my husband. We watch our favorite shows together. There is irony here because I was brought up thinking sitting in a room watching what my father called 'the idiot box" was not a way of being together. Time changes.