Sunday, January 3, 2016

Slump, grumps....... Solution: Grace

 One of the reasons I quit blogging last April was because I slid into a reading slump. (If my reading were a posture, it would be permanently couched, with a book half closed on my blanketed lap).
 I got grumpy towards the books I read. Some  were okay — others I merely enjoyed — but didn’t want to think about any further. 
I certainly didn’t  want to write about them. 
My thoughts bored me.   Blogs caused ennui.
 So I will summarize:
Currently reading:  Gilead.
Listening to: The Paris Wife.
Gilead may just be the book that makes me want to write about books again. As for the The Paris Wife -- don't like the reader and find I am not drawn to the vapid lifestyle of the Lost Generation. My slump  continued for more than 6 months.  Nothing has swept me off my feet, made me fall in love. I tried the usual panaceas — returning to mysteries, going to award lists— National Book Award,  the Booker.  But alas, nothing seemed to push me out of my book funk/ blog funk.
So I gave it a rest.
And some  of my life — the personal side seemed well,  too personal. 
 I haven’t been depressed exactly, but I have been distracted. Doing lots of yoga.Lots of napping. 
But I just read Bryan’s one word, and decided to throw my hat back in the game. 
My word: Grace. It is the word I choose almost every time I am directed to choose an intention for yoga practice. It is the  word I wore on my favorite t-shirt years ago in my darkest hours. 
It is a word that links the physical and the spiritual, that comes down to me and lifts up out of me.

 I don’t know if grace will help me with reading or blogging. I don’t know if I will blog again. 
But for today….. my one word -- GRACE--  is enough.


  1. I hear you, Barbara...after the last month, I've been in a reading slump too, in fact ZERO books read in December. I just didn't feel like it after a coworker unexpectedly died at the end of November. I only felt like watching comedies and so that's what I've been doing. Grace: It's what we all need - and don't deserve.

    1. I think I spend too much time reading news and it is so bleak and distorted, it is not good for me. In addition, I know so many people for whom 2015 was a very bad year. For me it was mixed.

  2. I for one am glad you're …maybe back ? I was thinking recently how I missed your blog posts.

    1. Thanks, Linda. I'll see. Responses, like yours, of course make me feel like writing more.

  3. I haven't read anything since the last week in December. I need to get going.

    Nice blog.

    Mine Word is: NO

    I need to learn to say NO. I haven't made it official, though, or not sure it is a good word, but I do need to stop overextending myself.

    1. No is a very good word. A primal word.

    2. Very primal.

      I just said no to something about an hour ago, so I am patting myself on the back. I have to for my sanity.

  4. Love the word you have chosen. It makes me think we should sit back a bit and enjoy the things we have already been given.

    So sorry to hear about your slump. I can think of a dozen books that might knock you out of the slump, but you may not want suggestions. If you do, holler at me on my blog.